ArcGIS API for iOS 加载Google Maps开源代码

在之前的博客《成功使用ArcGIS API for iOS加载Google地图》中曾经展示了使用ArcGIS API for iOS加载google map的截图,很多朋友都比较感兴趣,下面就把代码共享给大家:

iOSGoogleMapLayer项目通过扩展ArcGIS API for iOS中的tiledMapLayer来实现对google地图的访问。

@interface AGSGoogleMapLayer : AGSTiledLayer
	AGSTileInfo* _tileInfo;
	AGSEnvelope* _fullEnvelope;
	AGSUnits _units;

 通过initWithGoogleMapSchema方法来读取google map的切图参数


#import "AGSGoogleMapLayer.h"
#import "GoogleMapSchema.h"
#import "GoogleMapTileOperation.h"
int MakeAGSUnits(NSString* wkt){
	NSString* value ;
	BOOL _continue = YES;
 	NSScanner* scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString:wkt];
	//Scan for the UNIT information in WKT.
	//If WKT is for a Projected Coord System, expect two instances of UNIT, and use the second one
	while (_continue) {
		[scanner scanUpToString:@"UNIT["" intoString:NULL];
		[scanner setCharactersToBeSkipped:[NSCharacterSet characterSetWithCharactersInString:@"UNIT[""]];
		_continue = [scanner scanUpToString:@""" intoString:&value];
	if([@"Foot_US" isEqualToString:value] || [@"Foot" isEqualToString:value]){
		return AGSUnitsFeet;
	}else if([@"Meter" isEqualToString:value]){
		return AGSUnitsMeters;
	}else if([@"Degree" isEqualToString:value]){
		return AGSUnitsDecimalDegrees;
		//TODO: Not handling other units like Yard, Chain, Grad, etc
		return -1;

@implementation AGSGoogleMapLayer

	return _units;

-(AGSSpatialReference *)spatialReference{
	return _fullEnvelope.spatialReference;

-(AGSEnvelope *)fullEnvelope{
	return _fullEnvelope;

-(AGSEnvelope *)initialEnvelope{
	//Assuming our initial extent is the same as the full extent
	return _fullEnvelope;

-(AGSTileInfo*) tileInfo{
	return _tileInfo;
#pragma mark -

	GoogleMapSchema * shema = [[GoogleMapSchema alloc] init];
	_tileInfo = [shema.tileInfo retain];
//	NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@"l=%d",[_tileInfo.lods count]]);
	_fullEnvelope = [shema.fullEnvelope retain];
	//	_units = MakeAGSUnits(_fullEnvelope.spatialReference.wkt);
	[self layerDidLoad];
	return self;

- (NSOperation*) retrieveImageAsyncForTile:(AGSTile *) tile{
	//Create an operation to fetch tile from local cache
	GoogleMapTileOperation *operation =
	[[GoogleMapTileOperation alloc] initWithTile:tile
	//Add the operation to the queue for execution
    [super.operationQueue addOperation:operation];
	NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@"x=%d y=%d z=%d",tile.row,tile.column,tile.level]);
    return [operation autorelease];

- (void) didFinishOperation:(NSOperation*)op {
	//If tile was found ...
	if (op.tile.image!=nil) {
		//... notify tileDelegate of success
		[self.tileDelegate tiledLayer:self operationDidGetTile:op];
	}else {
		//... notify tileDelegate of failure
		[self.tileDelegate tiledLayer:self operationDidFailToGetTile:op];
		NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@"faildop"]);

#pragma mark -
- (void)dealloc {

	[_fullEnvelope release];
	[_tileInfo release];
    [super dealloc];

通过- (NSOperation*) retrieveImageAsyncForTile:(AGSTile *) tile 方法去获取切片


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